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A teacher’s lounge can often contain several conversations with different topics while at the same time all have one thing in common: complaining. The more I learn about being a teacher becomes a new reason to complain. I usually keep clear of this type of jibber jabber by maintaining a thankful heart, but today I noticed myself slipping. I began to join in on the barrage of complaints those poor lounge walls have to bear.

Praise the Lord that conviction caught me before I had said one more word. I stopped and told the teacher I was talking to, you know what? I got this job for a reason! There are kids the Lord sent me to impact and teachers and administrators to impact. I’m here for them and all that other stuff is not my business. I’m going to take it as it comes and roll with the punches. ” she just looked at me and said ” I’m like you, I’m going to roll with the punches”.

Works for me! I know the answer to a complaint is always thanksgiving, so I challenge all the complainers out there to rejoice again I say rejoice.


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  1. Tracy says:

    I felt the same sentiment today, our first day back, and also our first day of job action! Last night, I emailed a friend and told them that I didn’t care how many grumpy teachers were complaining about having to be back at work, and how short summer was, and how they could use some more time off. Instead, I wasn’t going to hide the fact that I was excited to be back at work, doing what I was meant to do.

    Today, one teacher asked me, “Are you excited to be back?” I answered, “YES! I really, REALLY am! And I don’t care that people know it!” Then I asked her how she was feeling about being back. Her response was a near-whisper: “I’m excited too, but I don’t want to let everyone hear.”

    It’s a shame that it is so easy to fall into complaining, just to “fit in” with everyone else. However, it is only Caleb and Joshua, who deliberately chose not to fall in with the complainers and express their true excitement and faith in God, who were the only ones of their generation who entered the promised land. Stay strong!

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