Grass -part one

Today I cut the grass at my home. I was planning on a quick mow and go, but not this time. I was not expecting the conversation I had with the Lord.

As I began to mow for the first time in two and a half months (my grass didn’t grow much during our drought). I noticed the only thing I was really mowing were the weeds that were thriving while all else was dying.

The Holy Spirit spoke, “Weeds are strong plants that thrive on very little water. Weeds can grow in a shallow cracks between the concrete. Most people kill weeds with weed killer, but the best way to get rid of weeds is to have healthy grass”.

He was not teaching me about my landscaping, rather about my heart and spiritual life with Him and those I interact with. The grass is the proof or the fruit of the condition of my heart. The weeds are the proof of the lack of fruit in my life.

As I continued mowing I saw a four inch wide rock that had stuck it’s head up through the soil as the ground had dried up from the lack of water. I stopped to pull it out of the ground and discovered it was only a piece of a much bigger rock that had been there the whole time I had lived at this house. “it’s been here the whole time, but it took these rough conditions to see it.” the Lord spoke. The Lord was revealing the reality of compromise in my life that I had not dealt with…

Part two to come soon.


About Andy/Vina

We are just startin' up our little family and out to change the world (at least our little corner of it)!
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