Jesus like a raindrop

The knowledge of God like a raindrop in a downpour; each is distinct and fully developed on it’s own. Collectively these drops make puddles, streams, lakes, rivers, and oceans and when joined are no longer discernibly distinct. No person would attempt to numerate, study, or catalog any number of drops in a rain storm. Rather we measure their collective impact or volume.

I suspect it is designed that we would be overwhelmed in this age by the collective knowledge of God with only the broad strokes and general revelations being unveiled. In the ages to come we will inspect every facet of every drop in each puddle, stream, lake, river and ocean and beyond. We will join in the expression of the chorus of heaven “holy holy holy”! Not meaning “purity purity purity” rather “set apart, wholly other than, higher than everything”!

Father, give us grace to search You out now and forever. Amen.


About Andy/Vina

We are just startin' up our little family and out to change the world (at least our little corner of it)!
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